Romantic Sicilian Destination Wedding at Villa Comitini, Ragusa

December 12th, 20174:35 pm @ Wedding Planner in Sicilia

The Couple:

Veronica & Dario


Religious Ceremony: Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista,  Ragusa


Villa Comitini, Vittoria (Rg)

Ph:  Gianni Salerno Photographer

When I met Veronica she was only a month away from her wedding. I met her at the family’s villa the location for the wedding reception. What struck me about Veronica was the charge of joy, hope and expectation for the day of her wedding.

With great enthusiasm and passion for my work I tried in every way not to disappoint Veronica’s expectations, designing and planning a unique day was a big challenge with myself, since it lacked only a month to the wedding. Sicilian chic style was the theme wedding; I wanted to create an atmosphere tailored to their personality ‘ taking care of every detail. The scenography, the flower design, the wedding favors, the accurate details were part of a single project specifically designed for this wedding.

They chose the Church of San Giovanni Battista in the historic center of Ragusa, they knew it was perfect……

big enough to hold everyone, but still feel intimate and just covered in art! The vaulted, affresco-covered ceiling was the icing on the cake. I think the best part of this church was hearing all of their friends comment on how beautiful it was and that they too, had never been inside before!

” Love must not entreat,’ she added, ‘or demand.

Love must have the strength to become certain within itself.

Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract.” (Hermann Hesse)

Villa Comitini, their private villa, was the perfect location to organize the wedding reception.The intimate and romantic setting, their love for Sicily, inspired the style of wedding. The Sicilian style was present in many details: a triumph of colors from white to orange, from yellow to green.

About the floral decorations, calla lilies and orchids were chosen. I particularly loved the floral arrangements made for the installation in the church, calle bouquets tied by white ribbons and cascading compositions enriched by white orchids have made the setting more sophisticated and elegant. While for the floral arrangements at the wedding reception, bouquets calla lilies and fragrant Sicilian lemons.

Sicilian carafes, worn drawers, Sicilian baskets, ancient scales, old Sicilian ceramics were the elements used to give that touch of Sicilian-chic desired by Veronica and Dario.

The corner of the sweet table was appreciated a lot: to cover the table, I used an embroidered white tablecloth; using the prints of ancient Sicilian tiles I made the cones, handmade, to be used for sugared almonds, and the cards that described the taste it. in the center of the table there were lanterns, decorated with colored ribbons, the effect? Really suggestive, lemons and oranges have given color and scent  to this sweet table.

And finally the magic. So many soap bubbles, they fascinated and amused everyone. But my joy, seeing the bride dancing between the bubbles and her smiling face when the bubbles flew free in the air.

Wedding in Sicily organized by Fiocchi di Riso Wedding Planner & Event Design.

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Veronica & Dario:

Abbiamo conosciuto Laura ad un mese dal nostro matrimonio;
La sfida era creare, nella nostra villa, una sala ricevimenti in stile Sicilian-Chic.
Attenta, meticolosa, presente, ottima ascoltatrice, adorabile consigliera, instancabile lavoratrice e artigiana (molte cose sono nate dalle sue abili mani!)
Ci ha seguiti per tutta la serata, con riservatezza, ma presenza continua.
Entrare a casa e vedere il suo lavoro, ci ha riempito il cuore di gioia e gli occhi di lacrime (sopratutto quelli della sposa).
Ogni cosa era perfetta, elegante e la Sicilia si mostrava, per usi e costumi, in tutto il suo splendore!
Hai reso l’atmosfera del nostro giorno una meravigliosa favola ed in futuro sono certa che ci rincontreremo cara Laura!
Sei tra le scelte più belle del nostro giorno!
Un abbraccio forte, Dario e Veronica