DESTINATION WEDDING SICILY: 9 good reasons to choose Scicli (Sicily) as the destination of your wedding

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There are many Sicilys‘ said Gesualdo Bufalino, and among these ‘there is the one that is carob tree green, the one that is the white of the salt pans, that which is the yellow of sulphur, that which is honey coloured, and that which is the purple of lava.’  One of the hundred Sicilys is the island within the island: the province of Ragusa, where there’s a place which can illuminate your heart in an instant; where nature and art meld in a passionate embrace.  This place is Scicli, the beating heart of Sicily, and which can give you intense emotions and dreamlike vistas:  If you continue reading you will see why a wedding in Scicli means celebrating a marriage in a wonderland.

Historic Beauty:  Elio Vittorini, a multi faceted Sicilian writer, talked of Scicli as the most beautiful place in the world.  To understand if this statement is true, you only have to walk the streets.  A stroll down Via Francesco Mormina Penna and you can see the beautiful  aristocratic palaces in all their splendour: Papaleo, Veneziano, Sgarlata, Patane’, Spadaro, Conti all of whose beauty  spring from the catastrophic earthquakeof 1693 which levelled Scicli and the rest of South East Sicily.  On that tragic occasion, the majority of buildings were destroyed, but the reconstruction gave life to a new town in perfect Baroque style, which still today is one of the most important centres of this style.  In addition to the palazzi there are gorgeous churches, such as San Bartolomeo and Santa Maria la Nova,  authentic  triumphs of architecture which are difficult to find in other places.

UNESCO:  Scicli is a UNESCO town: the enchanting Palazzo  Beneventano with its artistic decoration and bizarre masks, eye catching and dramatic, together with Via Francesco Mormino Penna represent an exceptional witness to the exuberance of art and architecture of the late baroque.

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LA FICTION “ IL COMMISSARIO MONTALBANO”:  whoever arrives in Scicli is immediately plunged into the world of Vigata,  especially those readers of Andrea Camilleri and viewers of the TV series, now known all over the world, who queue to enter the Mayors office, in the town hall, which in the TV series is the seat of the commissariato:  the room of the commissioner is the place to visit for those in search of the UNESCO town and the ‘arancini of Montalbano’.  In the town hall there is also the room of the questor and many other places around the town  that have been used as locations for the much loved show.

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BREATHTAKING  VIEWS OF COUNTRY AND SEA Scicli is a magical town,  with its pink houses and seductive views,  a glimpse into the past, as well as being well connected to other elements, on one side the verdant countryside with carob trees which offers tantalising views, and on the other the crystalline sea with its colours and sights and spectacular sunsets  which is the setting for the most important day for the happy couple.


ROMANTIC SCICLI -  The magical, romantic atmosphere of Scicli has no match in any other part of world if you want to get married.  It’s a town that is rich with culture, art, history and excellent food, and thanks to the Sicilian tradition, your wedding will be unique and unforgettable.  With its streams and ancient bridges it is a world beating setting.  Getting married in Scicli will not just offer you a unique event, that will be remembered forever by your family and guests, but you will be able to combine your wedding with a fantastic holiday.  Don’t worry if you have never been here before,  I will give you all the information you need.



DREAM LOCATIONS: Everything depends on how formal your event will be.  It is difficult to choose the location of the ceremony and the reception without knowing how many guests you will have.  Scicli has the locations which are best adapted to your needs, and you can choose the perfect place to fulfill your dreams.  The desire for great Sicilian food often favours the choice of restaurant for the reception, to give your guests a true culinary experience.  The more unusual locations such as a historic villa or prestigious property can give a special romantic atmosphere to your wedding day.  Hotels, Agriturismi and luxury Relais can be the best choices with majestic entrances, classical furniture and beautiful settings to give your wedding a sense of intimacy and charm.


ph Gianni Mania

ph Gianni Mania

SCICLI WELCOMES YOU WITH OPEN ARMS: the tourist or traveller who arrives in Scicli for the first time is welcomed with open arms.  If in India cows are sacred, in Sicily, the foreigner is ‘untouchable’.  Sicily has been from earliest times a ‘multi ethnic’ land, and the Sicilians have a gene pool deriving from the Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish and Piedmontese.  This story of domination and conquest has given the Sicilians an openness with their guests, to welcome them  with every possible ceremony, treat them as royalty, cuddle and sustain them as if they were babies, fill them with food until they explode.  The Sciclitano is spontaneous and natural, so don’t be surprised if some of them turn up at the church to wish you well.

THE PERFECT PLACE TO RELAX: Scicli is the perfect place to regain your force.  Far from the madding crowds, here the environment is still pure, you breathe serenity and it’s easy to find yourself smiling.  The green of the Mediterranean plants and a crystal sea are reasons enough to make the trip.  Amongst the lemon orchards, orange trees, almonds, carobs, pomegranites, mulberries and Indian figs it’s wonderful to relax in this little paradise,.  Within a few kilometres you will find the beaches of Eloro, Calamosca, Marzamemi and the baroque marvels of Modica, Ragusa, Noto and Siracusa.  Then,  return to the hotel and sip an excellent Sicilian wine or taste some fresh bread with fig jam….


Scicli, naked and stretched out in the sun like a woman who rests after making love.  how much colour in every corner;  a story of a new love.  You surprise me with your mystery and allure, you talk to me of everything but now and again you make me see the truth.  So different from everything I have ever known, Paradise can wait. Scicli naked and stretched out in the sun at every road, every palazzo is an emotion, Scicli takes me to the sea through hills and your caves make me dream ….. but I want to tell you will be always under my skin and in my heart….. SCICLI  like a woman who rests after making love

(a song dedicated to Scicli by the singer songwriter Mario Guarnera)

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