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The Couple:

Elizabeth & Noel


Ragusa Ibla, Church (Anime Sante del Purgatorio), Venue ( Palazzo di Quattro)


When a American bride marries an Irish groom in a baroque town in

Sicily, the result is nothing short of magical.

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Elizabeth and Noel  said “I do” in Sicily, choosing as a destination wedding the beautiful Baroque city of Ragusa Ibla, where they balanced traditional wedding customs with a breezy, laid-back attitude true to the Sicilian atmosphere.

Marco Ficili photographer of the day didn’t disappoint, leaving the newlyweds happier, professional from beginning to end. They loved him, and final

product speaks for itself!!!

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Walking around Ragusa Ibla ….., friends and witnesses propose a toast……..They go to church


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If you will know how to stay close to me,

and we will still be different,

if the sun shines on both of us

without our shadows overlapping,

if we can be “us” amidst the world

and together with the world, cry, laugh, live.

If every day we will find out who we are

and not the memory of how we were,

if we give to each other

without knowing who will be the first and who the last

if your body will sing with mine because together it’s joy …  (Rosita Vicari)


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The wedding was classic and elegant. The venue was breathtaking.

The spring warmth of Sicily paired with the big garden space and the great halls of the historic venue that overlooked the garden made it perfect for them.

The charm in all the perfect details of the space really spoke to us and helped set the mood.


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It was such a perfect wedding, they couldn’t have imagined it any differently.

The venue, the sicilian food, entertainment of the violins during dinner was everything they dreamed of and everyone danced and partied till 4 am.


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Everything was  genuine  it was amazing.


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Wedding in Sicily organized by Fiocchi di Riso Wedding Planner & Event Design.

For your Wedding in Sicily: fiocchidiriso@gmail.com


Laura organized our wedding in Ragusa, Sicily and did an absolutely fantastic job. She is an incredibly genuine, thoughtful and wonderful person – the exact type of person you want by your side when planning your wedding. She was always super positive and a pleasure to be around, even in moments of stress. Laura is very organized and responds to all forms of communication almost instantly. Whenever we needed her assistance she was always available and happy to help. My family and friends were all very appreciative to have her help organizing accommodation and transport, among other things. The wedding turned out beautifully and the day was perfect. Thanks, Laura! Xx


I should have wrote this a long time ago. Laura is a dream of a wedding planner. She organised our wedding about 10 weeks ago and absolutely crushed it! She cares so much about every detail and is fantastic at her job. Her warm and friendly disposition along with her organisation made our day perfect. Also, I loved how responsive Laura is and her client service is impeccable. It feels odd writing a review of Laura from a professional service perspective because we became friends the minute we met and she was someone my wife and I wanted to attend our wedding, not just to organise it. She is a special person and when it comes to the most important day of your life, you want someone positive, considerate and who sees how amazing love is and Laura is all of that. If you are getting married in Sicily, you need to look her up as she will make it better. Thanks again Laura. Un abbraccio.

‎Francine Stuart:

Thank you so much for all your work to help put together the most beautiful wedding for my daughter, elizabeth and her now husband, Noel..!


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